5 WordPress Plugins that prevent your blog from being hacked

I have seen so many hacked blogs in my professional career that I’ve lost count.

It’s so damn easy to hack a WordPress blog nowadays. They just crawl the web and find out if your site is using WordPress and some old plugin, and then the fun begins.

You can find Security plugin in WordPress Plugins directory:

So what WordPress Plugins can prevent your blog from being hacked?

While there are a lot of plugins that help your WordPress from being hacked, I will mention a few that I’ve tested and are well known:


1 million active installs, 4.9 stars.

Wordfence WordPress Plugin

I like Wordfence Plugin because it has a lot of useful features. The free version might be enough for most of the users.

It has login blocking features and other login security measures, firewall, real-time monitoring and an excellent file scan that can detect malware infected files.

All in one WordPress Security and Firewall

200,000 active installs, 4.9 stars.

This plugin has a lot of features, offering User registration and login security, database and file security (including checking your core files .haccess, wp-config), blacklist, firewall, brute force attack prevention. It’s also available in a lot of languages.

Sucuri Scanner

100,000 active installs, 4.6 stars.

Sucuri is a well-known company, and they also offer a reliable paid tool, but I didn’t like their Sucuri Scanner WordPress Plugin. I mean it’s good, but not great. Many times Wordfence found positive infections and Sucuri did not.
Nevertheless, it’s still a good plugin to use.

iThemes Security WordPress Plugin

600,000 active installs, 4.7 stars.

iThemes Security plugin has a lot of features also, first by checking your current WordPress installation and securing your files (or telling you what to fix) and then protecting your website: brute force login, scanner to check for vulnerabilities, blacklist website checking.

This works well with iThemes other WordPress Plugin: Backup Buddy that you can use to make secure backups of your website and then easily restore if you need to.

BulletProof Security Plugin

100,000 active installs, 4.7 stars.

Bulletproof Security Plugin

BulletProof Security Plugin has a lot of tweaks to protect your website, files and admin. It also optimizes your WordPress site.

You do not need to install all this plugins, just pick two or three and configure them well.

What plugins do you use to secure your website?